What is the Gulf South Quality Network (GSQN)?

GSQN is the largest physician-led, quality driven, clinically integrated network in the State of Louisiana that allows independent and hospital-employed physicians to collaborate with the goal of improving the quality of patient care offered while reducing costs.

What is clinical integration?

Clinical integration is collaboration among healthcare providers to develop active and ongoing clinical initiatives that are designed to control costs and improve the quality of healthcare services. Participation in an effective clinical integration program provides physicians the ability to contract collectively with employers and benefit plan administrators who recognize the value of high quality healthcare.

As a member of GSQN, you will become part of a physician-led, physician-driven program that is helping lead the movement toward clinical integration throughout Louisiana.  GSQN provides several opportunities to help you become successful.  Members of GSQN:

What are the benefits of joining Gulf South Quality Network?

  • Collaborate on a much higher degree with focus on quality of care, not quantity;
  • Can participate in the identification and development of quality metrics to provide best practice pathways of care;
  • Gain economic benefit for delivering high-quality cost effective care based on best practices;
  • Help eliminate inefficiencies to reduce cost;
  • Have access to quality measures via an interactive online database;
  • Help introduce a new product to the marketplace that focuses on value and best practice delivery, which could drive business to your practice; and,
  • Continue your independent status, while having visibility to and participation in the clinical integration process.

Membership is completely voluntary.  If you choose to participate, you will:

  • Sign the Gulf South Quality Network Participation Agreement and Business Associate Agreement.  This agreement specifies the details associated with participation in the program.
  • Complete physician application
  • Hold yourself and your colleagues accountable for compliance with the initiatives of the program, including disciplinary and remediation efforts should physicians not meet the benchmarks set by the GSQN Quality Committee.

What clinical initiatives will GSQN include?

The physician-led Quality Committee selected a number of physician practice measures for both ambulatory and inpatient care.  You will be encouraged to participate in the measure selection process for your specialty as requested by the Quality Committee.  In addition, you will be expected to log in and review your data in the technology tool(s) selected to house clinical data on a monthly basis at a minimum.